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Thursday, October 18, 2012

We moved!

About 4.5 months ago, we moved not more than twenty minutes away, but it has put us (just barely) in a different city. That has caused a few headaches, but it is all worth the price of ibuprofen. In an unexpected turn of events, we were able to buy a house a little more than twice the size of our previous dwelling. It's an old house, and it's not fancy, but it's in good shape. By the way, I LOVE IT.

It feels as if we have moved from this situation:

to one more like this:

However, it really is not a palace. It's an average home. Nevertheless, I LOVE IT. It appears I have stumbled onto the secret for appreciating a modest home: live for years beforehand in a tiny, nearly closetless house approaching the century mark on its timeline of existence.

MY BEDROOM HAS AN ATTACHED BATHROOM. I am, just maybe, a little thrilled about this.

The kids love it too (does that matter?). :) Sometimes W just starts running, in that toddler I-have-more-energy-than-I-know-what-to-do-with way, and he has space to run through. H, who does not, shall we say, always deal well with change, was a bit emotional about leaving the old house and neighborhood. And it's true that we were all sad to leave good friends, but, on the other hand, we did not go far. It is a testament to how good this has been for our family that H's emotional state returned to baseline soon after we were officially in residence. For him, it was a remarkably quick return to sanguinity.

So, I wondered if I would need to change the name of this blog. I also wondered if I would ever blog here again, but now I've answered that question! As to the first, the younger boys' bedroom has a sliding glass door out to the back deck (which has been treated with the installation of a sturdy, childproof lock), and yes, sometimes the chickens hop up and come to this large window. I call that good.

Speaking of which, the house already had a lovely, large standing birdcage in the backyard, perfect as a coop for our chickens (the previous owner was, by neighbors' accounts, a great bird-lover). It was meant to be, right?

Right. (Happy sigh.)

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  1. I love your new house too!! It was so fun to be downstairs with all the kids and have room to throw balls around and play. I love how excited everyone is about the new home, and I'm so glad everyone adjusted well!