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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baby needs a clean, clean floor

W has reached what we have affectionately dubbed "the baby swiffer phase." He moves, and he revels in his mobility. But he is not a sophisticated crawler yet. He army crawls, sliding along on his tummy and capturing any bit of dirt, dust, or hair on our wooden floors, even as he keeps his sights on that errant cheerio left over from breakfast. If my floors are not spotless, I get to see the evidence right away when I pick up my baby. But I can comfort myself in thinking my floors are not as bad as those in the Japanese commercial below. Check it out!

So I guess we should really call it the "baby mop" phase. Too bad I didn't see any of these for sale when we were living in Japan when T was a baby! He was an army-crawler too.

By the way, the commercial starts out by saying, "Your baby is not a mop! You are the worst mom!" And ends with, "Don't be a bad mom!" Quite the tagline, don't you think?
And what on earth is on that floor??

Here's our very own Baby Mop.

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